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Who am I?

Nebe Stella Is a Fashion Enthusiast, a Lifestyle Mama, and a Trend Setter! A Style Advisor, Stella will Pimp Your Life at a very affordable cost. How do I know? Well, she has a degree in Accounting. So combine Creativity with Money Management and she’s what you get. Because she won’t let you do the shopping alone, she’ll lead you all the way. And trust me, you’ll be fresh to the socks when she’s done.

No! Nebe Stella isn’t A Model! – that’s become a cliche! Models slay! But She is The Model! She Creates Your Slay!

You don’t need a swag director, you don’t need a wardrobe fixer, you don’t need a costume manager, and of course you won’t be short of nice places to go when you have her in your corner.

Nebe Stella is creative to a fault. She will take you to the lifestyle of your dreams with grace. She decided to put up this blog to rather get closer to the world around her, that is, people who are fashion enthusiastic as her! And just so you know, she’s having a lot of fun whilst at it. So get comfortable, grab a drink, and enjoy the ride.

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